Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pond Song

I want to go to the water..... go to the ponds and to the streams...

"The Pond Song" is meant for the hot days of summer, when humans and wildlife crave the many man-made ponds and streams that dot the Austin landscape.
The Roots In Austin characters to whom this song belongs are a mature couple who are both gardeners. It would work well if they sang at least the final refrain together. I haven't given them names yet, but they sound a lot like Annie and Philo, don't they?

This copyrighted song was composed and performed by "Annie in Austin" and the video was made by Philo in Austin.


Meems said...

What a clever way to share your wonderful gift with others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this tune and the beautiful sites on your video. “I want to go to the water and share another’s garden dreams.”

“We’ll hear the music of the water”… so perfect for July/August in our summer heat.

I hope all your dreams come true for eventually turning your collection into a musical play. It is truly inspiring to be privy to your heart's desires.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Carol said...

It's hard to choose amongst all the songs, but this one has a soulfulness that I really like. Like Meems, I am struck by the lyrics... "We'll hear the music of the waters, and share each others' garden dreams..."

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Meems!

Thanks for listening and commenting on our ode to ponds and streams and I'm glad you liked the lyrics!

The heat has been brutal here all weekend - maybe Eduardo will stay a tropical storm and bring some rain to Central Texas.


Annie in Austin said...

Carol, it's a very different song for me - so many of my lyrics are aimed at the funny bone instead of the heart.
Philo really likes this song, too, so from both of us, thank you for listening and commenting.


Tabor said...

I just discovered this other blogsite of yours and enjoyed visiting and seeing your wonderful talents!